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The San Antonio Edition

Make the most of your stay in San Antonio with our insider’s guide to navigating the neighborhood. Our monthly Staff Picks highlight local area attractions and events, letting you in on our favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and explore.

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    Cool Down with a Gourmet Paleta at Paleteria San Antonio

    July 28

    San Antonio summers call for more than the pat on the back you get from a slushy, so follow the locals’ lead and cool off with a sweet treat from Paleteria San Antonio.

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  • group of kids at park

    The Fabulous Parks of Hemisfair

    March 02

    From being remnant of the 1968 World’s Fair, Hemisfair has come into its own. With the hugely popular Yanguana Garden and plans for two new parks, Hemisfair will soon be the model of a vibrant urban park area.

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  • old black and white photo of a movie director on set

    Made in San Antonio

    February 03

    For more than a century, the natural beauty and historic landmarks of San Antonio have made the city a favorite destination for the film industry, and many directors have used the city's iconic landmarks and attractions to highlight some of their best scenes. Check out the list of movies and their SA locales here.

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  • tower of the americas in san antonio texas

    A Terrific View at TOA

    January 06

    Standing tall in the heart of downtown San Antonia, the Tower of the Americas offers visitors a stunning view of the city, in a variety of ways. Built in 1968 for the World’s Fair honoring the Alamo City’s 250th anniversary, this 750-foot structure provides breathtaking views from the Observation Deck.

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  • mexican ceramics

    El Mercado: A Unique Shopping Experience

    December 02

    For a genuine immersive shopping experience, take in the sights, sounds, flavors, and charm of old Mexico at Market Square. Famous as the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico, the square offers more than 100 shops and stalls, all of them locally owned and stretching over three blocks of an outdoor plaza.

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  • young ballerinas in dance studio

    A Ballet for All Ages

    November 04

    San Antonio is blessed to have a rich and varied calendar of cultural events and festive holiday activities year-round. And, where children are concerned, the city is also fortunate to have such cultural arts institutions as the Children's Ballet of San Antonio in our midst. 

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  • ghost

    Come Meet Our Ghosts

    October 07

    Did you know that San Antonio is considered one of the most haunted cities in America? Since our city is more than 300 years old, it’s only natural it has an abundance of “spirited” activity...

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  • magician

    Some Enchanted Evening

    September 02

    Do you love magic? Do the words “Presto” and “Abracadabra” produce a strange longing to see bunnies pulled from top hats? Is Harry Houdini’s portrait hanging on your wall?

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  • Caverns with amber lights

    Go Underground at the Caverns

    August 05

    San Antonio features many famous attractions and landmarks, but Natural Bridge Caverns is ideal if you’re looking for an unusual and family-friendly place for sight-seeing.

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  • woman looking through telescope

    Starry, Starry Nights

    July 01

    Whether you’re a budding stargazer, an amateur astrologer, or don’t know the Lyrids from the Leonids, San Antonio’s Scobee Planetarium presents a variety of programs and activities for every interest and level of education.

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  • riverwalk at night with colorful umbrellas

    Three of Our Favorite SA Landmarks

    June 03

    San Antonio is a city rich in history with a fascinating multicultural heritage. Having just recently celebrated their Tricentennial last year, it’s only natural that a city of such an impressive age would boast more than a few landmarks and historic places of interest.

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  • group of people at museum

    ArtPace is the Place

    May 06

    For an afternoon expedition that the entire family will enjoy, head over to ArtPace.

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  • Mother and daughter at park

    Practical and Purposeful: San Pedro Creek Culture Park

    April 01

    It’s come a long way from an unsightly drainage ditch to eco-friendly triumph, but the San Pedro Creek Culture Park has surpassed all expectations.

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  • close up of little girl holding little box on table

    A San Antonio Historic Jewel

    March 04

    San Antonio boasts some of the state’s most interesting places to see, and many of these are also historic treasures.

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  • group of people seated at theater

    In the Alamo City, the Play’s the Thing

    February 01

    San Antonio is a city that embraces an abundant and diverse array of arts and culture, and the theater is not neglected.

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  • couple exploring nature

    Where to “Park” in San Antonio

    January 07

    San Antonio offers our visitors so much to do that it’s often difficult to make a selection.

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  • embroidered dresses

    Viva El Mercado

    December 03

    As one of San Antonio’s most renowned attractions, El Mercado consistently draws crowds of tourists and locals alike.

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  • people toasting with beer

    San Antonio Owned, Sourced, and Brewed

    November 05

    “Livin La Vida Lager,”  “Round About Midnight,” “MALTerial Girl,” and “Who’s Got The Juice Now?” are only a few of the unique craft brew selections of one of San Antonio’s newest (two years old this month) and most interesting breweries.

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  • sepia toned haunted house image

    San Antonio’s Most Haunted

    October 01

    San Antonio has long enjoyed a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in America, but some places here are more famous than others when it comes to ghostly goings-on.

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  • People on roller coaster

    Toilet Seats, Grottos, Pigs, and Roller Coasters

    September 03

    Fabulous, family-friendly fun is never seasonal here in San Antonio – we’ve got more terrific attractions and events than you can shake a stick at, and four of them are listed here.

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  • old building built with brick

    The Remaking of The Alamo

    August 06

    An iconic landmark that played an integral part in the founding of San Antonio, and is still a central element in the City’s identity, The Alamo is currently undergoing preservation/renovation work.

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  • old building built with brick

    An Historic Celebration: The San Antonio Tri-Centennial

    July 03

    Come to San Antonio for a special tri-centennial celebration of our city’s 300-year history.

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  • beaded jewelry on table

    The Legacy of Texan James Avery

    June 04

    Beautiful gemstones, silver, and gold, combined with quality craftsmanship and distinctive design.

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  • close up of water well outside for tea

    A Magnificent Japanese Tea Garden

    May 08

    Originally an abandoned limestone rock quarry, the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden is a brilliant example of repurposing design.

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  • close up of people holding beer

    Ranger Creek: San Antonio’s Own “Brewstillery”

    April 02

    There are breweries and there are distilleries, but seldom are the two combined, at least not until the past few years.

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  • museum building with brown roof

    A San Antonio Treasure: The McNay Art Museum

    March 05

    Glorious paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more await you at San Antonio’s famed McNay Art Museum.

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  • man holding video camera

    San Antonio’s “Wings” Won First Best Picture Award

    February 06

    Even some cinephiles are unaware that the 1927 Oscar-winning film “Wings” was filmed right here in San Antonio.

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  • couple exploring nature

    Call of the Wild: The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

    January 08

    Did you know that each zebra’s stripes are as unique as fingerprints are to people?

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  • riverwalk at night with colorful umbrellas

    The American Venice: San Antonio’s Own River Walk

    December 04

    An oasis winding peacefully through the center of a modern urban setting, the San Antonio River Walk was once described by columnist Ernie Pyle as “The American Venice.”

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  • Eagle in tree

    The Eagle Has Landed – At the San Antonio Zoo

    November 07

    This year it is bald eagles, not turkeys, which are the focus of the folks at the San Antonio Zoo.

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  • Man with cowboy hat on horse

    The American Cowboy’s Legacy Continues at the Briscoe Western Art Museum

    October 02

    The iconic man of the west who sat tall in the saddle as he roamed the countryside became a folk hero throughout the entire country, but the real American cowboy originated in Texas.

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  • Trees moving during hurricane

    Four Ways You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

    September 05

    The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey are being felt across the region, the state, the nation, and the world.

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  • Woman looking at piece in museum

    August is Groovy: A Psychedelic Summer and Bat Flights

    August 07

    The McNay Art Museum is proud to present “Groovy: A Psychedelic Summer” through August 27th.

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  • Couple holding american flag

    Celebrating Our Nation's History

    July 01

    This Independence Day, the air will be filled with the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on grills, blaring horns and crashing cymbals will accompany bands marching to the sounds of Sousa, and a dazzling array of fireworks will illuminate night skies nationwide as we come together to celebrate our most American holiday.

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  • Dad carrying daughter on back

    Give Dad the Gift of Flight

    June 10

    This year, forget the ties, the after-shave, and the campy boxers, and give Dad something he'll remember for years to come.

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  • overhead shot of beer

    Celebrate Craft Brew Week with Local Brews

    May 01

    Every May, the culture and community of craft brews and brewers are celebrated with American Craft Beer Week.

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  • Couples dancing in ethnic costumes

    Fiesta San Antonio

    April 03

    The enticing smell of sizzling fajitas, bands marching with military precision, extravagantly decorated floats, colorful confetti bursting from cascarones, and a mix of music from mariachi to jazz make up only a small part of Fiesta San Antonio.

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  • Group of friends celebrating st patricks day

    Shamrocking It in San Antonio

    March 06

    Join us from March 17th-19th for the Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day River Parade & Festival.

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  • Friends with cocktails

    An Exciting Mix of Cocktails and Games

    January 05

    This month, the City of San Antonio is hosting an interesting combination of events that cater to both gamers and cocktail enthusiasts.

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