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view of the lobby at menger hotel

Gracious Hospitality

since 1859

Opening with much fanfare in 1859, decked out with wrought-iron balconies and a stained-glass-roofed Victorian lobby, the Menger Hotel was an overnight success, ushering in a new era of sophistication on the Texas frontier. Since then, it has experienced multiple ownerships and many renovations, but it still remains one of the most elegant and renowned San Antonio hotels.

view of the lobby at menger hotel

Our Rich History

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    La Villita develops
  • battle of the alamo


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  • black and white photo of menger hotel lobby in the 1900s


  • menger hotel exterior in the 1950's


  • Menger hotel official historic medallion displayed on a brick wall


  • 1809

    La Villita develops

    La Villita is developed, becoming one of San Antonio’s first neighborhoods.

  • 1836

    Siege on the Alamo

    On March 6, 13 days after Santa Anna's entry into the city, the Alamo falls. On April 21, Santa Anna's army routed at the Battle of San Jacinto.

  • 1859

    The original hotel is built

    William Menger realizes that guests of his brewery will need a place to sleep, so he and his wife, Mary, build a two-story, fifty-room hotel. It becomes so popular that a three-story addition is built soon after.

  • 1871

    William Menger dies

    After a little over a decade of running the Menger Hotel, William Menger dies. His wife and son continue to run the hotel and brewery.

  • 1881

    An east wing is built

    The Menger Hotel is sold to Major J.H. Kampmann, who adds a third story to the Alamo Plaza, along with a three-story addition to the north. An east wing is also built, including a cherry-wood bar modeled after the House of Lords Club taproom in London.

  • 1909

    Alfred Giles renovates Menger Hotel

    Noted architect Alfred Giles makes extensive changes to the hotel. To the exterior, an ornamental marquee of ground floor and iron is added. The original (south) lobby is embellished with a new marble floor and Renaissance-revival style details.

  • 1949–1950

    Another renovation brings a new wing

    A four-story, 125-room addition is built, and a new lobby and air conditioning throughout the hotel is added. The bar is moved to the Crockett Street side.

  • 1975

    Menger Hotel is added to the National Register of Historic Places

    The hotel is added to the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District.

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