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Menger Bar

Authentic Since 1958 A Rare Vintage

Serving up innovative cocktails and cuisine with a generous helping of Lone Star history on the side, it’s easy to see why the legendary Menger Bar was voted one of the Top 10 Most Historic Bars in the United States. Built in 1887 as an exact replica of London’s House of Lords Pub, the Menger Bar doesn’t just feel authentic—it is!  

Hours OfOperation

Monday – Saturday | 11 a.m. – Midnight
Sunday | Noon – Midnight

  • The Menger Bar!

    Just had a few drinks at the Menger bar and didn't want to leave because our bartender was spectacular. Gave us a sincerely engaging history and lots of quippy humor. Helped us pick drinks and if given creative liberties will make you the best cocktail you've had in ages. Best dose of "Southern Hospitality" we've experienced.

    - Cara M
  • Must, Must Stop!

    Wow… whether you are staying at the Menger Hotel or not, you must, must stop in at the Menger Bar. The bartender fixes great drinks and will gladly explain the history of the mahogany bar and show you the bullet holes from Teddy Roosevelt's gun while he was trying to get the attention of his Rough Riders!

    - Judy T
  • Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Rider AT THIS BAR!!!

    There are literally 2 bullet holes in the bar from accidental discharges from when Teddy Roosevelt was recruiting his band of cowboys to go be soldiers in Cuba. Wander around (with your drink in hand) and check out the museum-like surroundings and display cases at the bar and in the hotel lobby.

    - Jeff H
  • Step Foot Where Teddy Recruited Some of His Rough Riders

    Wonderful little bar in a Historic Hotel. Teddy Roosevelt recruited some of The Members of his Rough Riders from this bar. Also, a few bullet holes in the woodwork adds to the mystique along with the Hotel being Haunted.

    - MagikWolf
  • History Plus!

    After having read how Teddy Roosevelt recruited Texas cowboys to serve as Rough Riders in this bar, I have long wanted to visit/experience it. I was not disappointed! The atmosphere is rich with Roosevelt memorabilia and photographs. This is a great place to drink, eat, and rub shoulders with American history.

    - TeddyDean
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Roosevelt’s Connection

Roosevelt’s Connection

In 1898, Colonel Leonard Wood and his lieutenant-colonel (and future president of the United States), Theodore Roosevelt, set up an enlistment table at the Menger Bar where they recruited over 1,250 men to form the Rough Riders, the most popular volunteer regiment in the history of the world.

Featured Cocktail

Featured Cocktail

The Menger has crafted a special pink drink in commemoration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial and its official anniversary color. Celebrate our 300-year history with a refreshing Tricentini, a tasty blend of Southern Comfort, Amaretto, cranberry juice, and a splash of sweet and sour.