Dining and Imbibing San Antonio Style

The Colonial Room Restaurant Dining

First impressions say a lot when you step into the Colonial Room Restaurant and Menger Bar. You know you are experiencing history. Both rooms, occupying one of the hotel’s oldest structures, transport you back to the early days of the Texas frontier, to a time when Theodore Roosevelt was hiring his Rough Riders (in our very own Menger Bar) and San Antonio’s elite socialized at some of the city's most sumptuous galas. These stately public rooms in the heart of San Antonio have welcomed a long line of honored guests, including U.S. Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and William McKinley, as well as Robert E. Lee, General George Patton, Oscar Wilde and many, many others. Just check out our walls and display cases for some of the mementos they left behind. Upgraded to accommodate the modern guest, our restaurant and bar offer an extraordinary place to enjoy a cozy meal or vintage cocktails in San Antonio while soaking up the atmosphere of an earlier era.


Phone: (210) 225-6196
Email: colonial@mengerhotel.com

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